About the project

For those wondering what this project is or why it exists, we at The Pirate Bible team thought we would share a few thoughts on the subject. The Pirate Bible is a translation of the King James Version of the Bible into pirate vernacular. The entire Bible was translated including Old and New Testaments (we have chosen not to include the apocrypha). The translation was completed entirely using Artificial Intelligence and a fine-tuned algorithm. We worked hard to find a formula that produced true, pirate-like speech while still trying to preserve the meaning of the original text. In order to achieve that goal, we, at times, needed to adjust our algorithm and re-run verses through the translator but at no time did we interpolate our own words into the result or remove things we deemed unnecessary. While this certainly produced errors of its own, it was not affected by the biases of a small group of men or women and allows us to say that this is the first translation of the Bible done 100% by Artificial Intelligence.

As students of the Bible and devout followers of Jesus Christ ourselves, we debated often about the ramifications of such a book and how this translation would be received among our Christian friends. In the end, we believe that getting people to engage with the Word of God in a new way is a good thing and perhaps a path to begin to answer Christ’s call to “Come unto me” (Matt. 11:28). As we have read the book, we have found the results to be satisfyingly accurate and capable of providing novel, if not humorous insights. With that said, the text is not always perfect and students of the Bible should be willing to discern and scrutinize. For a serious study of the Bible, we recommend all to refer to the original text in their native language and have provided a way for you to obtain a free copy of the King James Version of the Bible by going to the link below:

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